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$(“…”)[0].reset is not a function… resetting forms in jQuery

I’m trying to reset some forms with jQuery but I’m having some trouble. Aside from solutions that involve writing functions or custom plugins, I keep finding time and again that the reset method is not a standard part of jQuery but it is a part of standard Javascript.

Anyway, my first approach was to go with


where the form’s id=”theForm”.

That didn’t work obviously, because it assumed that reset() was a part of jQuery.

The next thing I tried was


Which didn’t work either. I’m new to jQuery so I’m not sure if I can mix normal Javascript with jQuery. I must sound like a moron for saying this.

Anyway, After doing some more researching I found time and again that I could use reset() in jQuery by doing these…




In every article that involves these two snippets everyone in the comments had gotten it working.

Except me.

The error console keeps telling me that what I have written does not exist. I have checked all of my code and there is no other instance of the word “reset”, so it can’t be that either.

Anyway, I’m stumped.