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8080 port already taken issue when trying to redeploy project from Spring Tool Suite IDE

I have strange thing when I try to modify Spring project inside my Spring Tool Suite. On the first load (deploy) everything is fine, application compiles and runs on localhost:8080

When I change something inside code and try to redeploy it (Run it again – Run As Spring Boot App) I get error message

*************************** APPLICATION FAILED TO START


The Tomcat connector configured to listen on port 8080 failed to
start. The port may already be in use or the connector may be


Verify the connector’s configuration, identify and stop any process
that’s listening on port 8080, or configure this application to listen
on another port.

2016-10-19 00:01:22.615 INFO 10988 — [ main]
ationConfigEmbeddedWebApplicationContext : Closing
org.springframework.boot[email protected]3023df74:
startup date [Wed Oct 19 00:01:19 CEST 2016]; root of context
hierarchy 2016-10-19 00:01:22.616 INFO 10988 — [ main]
o.s.j.e.a.AnnotationMBeanExporter : Unregistering JMX-exposed
beans on shutdown

If I shutdown process on that port manually everything works fine again, but this can’t be right way of redeploying Spring app. Am I doing something wrong here?

I’m using :: Spring Boot :: (v1.4.1.RELEASE)

P.S. I’m aware that I can setup some kind of hot-swap mechanism to have automatic reload of page after I change code, but for now I would like to resolve this issue first.

Thanks for any kind of help or info.