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Adding custom properties for each request in Application Insights metrics

I d’like to add custom properties to metrics taken by Application Insights to each request of my app. For example, I want to add the user login and the tenant code, such as I can segment/group the metrics in the Azure portal.

The relevant doc page seems to be this one : Set default property values

But the example is for an event (i.e. gameTelemetry.TrackEvent("WinGame");), not for an HTTP request :

var context = new TelemetryContext();
context.Properties["Game"] = currentGame.Name;
var gameTelemetry = new TelemetryClient(context);

My questions :

  1. What is the relevant code for a request, as I have no specific code at this time (it seems to be automatically managed by the App Insights SDK) : Is just creating a TelemetryContext sufficient ? Should I create also a TelemetryClient and if so, should I link it to the current request ? How ?
  2. Where should I put this code ? Is it ok in the Application_BeginRequest method of global.asax ?