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Amazon RDS mysqldump outside of the Amazon eco-system

I would like to do a daily mysqldump to my own local disk out side of the amazon eco-system. I have few reasons I want to do this daily.

  1. I want to be in more control of my database when RDS\EBS goes down again.
  2. RDS only allows you to restore within the same availability zone. This really gets me because a natural disaster or network fault at the availability zone pretty much renders backups useless because you can only restore to the same zone. :/
  3. Would like a sandbox/test database where I don’t have to pay for space and bandwith.

My big question is if I do a daily mysql dump of a 50gb database will my bandwidth\IO costs skyrocket? I’m assuming they will! Has anyone done something like this before?


  • I am running a Multi-AZ production environment be recent outages still proved that there is no such thing as complete failover.
  • Our company has two services, a front facing web site and internal processing. It’s most important that our internal operations don’t stop. Our web site could go dark for several hours if need be. Having a recent mysql dump at my figure tips seem priceless to me.