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Android application exits without any exception

I’m building an application that shows in a WebView some remote data that is cached in SQLite db. The data is being requested by JavaScript function from WebView via JavaScript interface.

When user types into an input element on the page, JavaScript function requests search result by calling Java function, which in turn fires a sql query. Results are then packaged in suitable JSON format and returned.

Fetching data works OK unless you type very quickly. If you type quick enough after few key presses the app quits WITHOUT any exceptions being thrown, it just goes back to home screen.

I have managed to narrow down the cause – commenting out the call to .query method prevents crashing, but renders app useless.

Is there a way to check what caused application to quit, another log or tool that could help?

Java function code:

    public Lot[] getLotList(String query, int limitCount) {
String[] resultColumns = new String[] { LotsSearch._ID };
String queryWhere = LotsSearch.TABLE_NAME + " MATCH ?";
String[] queryArgs = new String[] { query + "*" };
String sortOrder = LotsSearch.COLUMN_NAME_NUMBER + " ASC, " + LotsSearch.COLUMN_NAME_TITLE + " ASC";
String limit = null;
Cursor cursor = null;
if (limitCount != -1)
limit = "0," + limitCount;
try {
cursor = mDb.query(LotsSearch.TABLE_NAME, resultColumns, queryWhere, queryArgs, null, null, sortOrder, limit);
if (cursor != null && cursor.moveToFirst()) {
result = new Lot[cursor.getCount()];
try {
int idColumnIndex = cursor.getColumnIndexOrThrow(LotsSearch._ID);
int lotId;
Lot lot;
do {
lotId = cursor.getInt(idColumnIndex);
lot = mLots.get(lotId);
if (lot != null)
result[index++] = lot;
} while (cursor.moveToNext());
} catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {
} catch (SQLiteException e) {
} finally {
if (cursor != null)
return result;


I have discovered that there is another log that could be accessed by issuing

logcat -b events

when the app crashes there is just one entry

I/am_proc_died(   59): [11473,] 

and when the app exits gracefuly this log shows set of entries:

I/am_finish_activity(   59): [1157978656,22,,app-request]
I/am_pause_activity( 59): [1157978656,]
I/am_destroy_activity( 59): [1157978656,22,]