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Annoying “[Environment: Sandbox]” alert

While testing beta versions of our iOS apps we’ve been recently seeing an alert with the following text only “[Environment: Sandbox]”

My guess is that this is a bug in the app store process but I don’t know for sure.

Has anyone encountered the issue?
Do you have any idea why?

Update: Most probably a temporary Apple glitch. Our customers start calling, reporting this problem as well.

Update 2: Seems to be fixed now.

enter image description here

This started happening all of the sudden earlier today. The weird thing is that we are using an AdHoc/Enterprise build in which we can’t use the IAPs. To me this looks a bit like a server/time-related issue on Apple’s side. Weird. The weirdest thing is that the app is a “production” build, not a debug build.

I suspect this is a temporary thing as it suddenly started happening and (hopefully) will go away again.

Interestingly an older production build that worked fine before, suddenly starts displaying this alert all the time whenever it starts. I can reproduce this on all my devices, so it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the build itself.

As soon as I log out of the “iTunes and App Store” panel in system settings, this stops happening. So I suspect there is something going on with the App Store/iTunes infrastructure.