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Bootstrap grid with one column auto width

I’m using bootstrap 3 and I’m trying to make a list of items, where each row has 4 columns..
I’ve tried to use the bs3 grid system, but it doesn’t fit all my requirements (or at least I can’t make it work), since one of the columns need to use all the available space..


| |
| Container |
|Checkbox| Name (130px)| Message | Date|
|Checkbox| Name (130px)| Message adasdsadsadsadsadsadasaaaaaaaaaaaaa | Date|
|Checkbox| Name (130px)| Message adsadsadsadsadsadsadsaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... | Date|
|Checkbox| Name (130px)| Message | Date|
|Checkbox| Name (130px)| Message | Date|
|.... |

Basically, the date column should always be on the right, and the message column should use all the available width, and if the message is bigger than the available space, it should be truncated (or the overflow hidden)