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Building a site with node.js

Can someone direct me to maybe some documentation or tutorials on how to build a site with node.js. Currrently, I am using mostly jQuery, PHP, mysqli prepared statements, and a few other things for building sites, but I am interested in node.js, but I don’t really know much about it.

The DailyJS blog is currently running a series called “Let’s make a web app”, where they are building a notepad web app using NodeJS, week by week. They are currently up to the sixth post, but there’s plenty there to get you started already, with introductions to setting up the environment, connecting to a DB, using templates, and the Express/Connect middleware stack.

The blog also has “node roundups” where they highlight various node modules from time to time.

As for documentation, there’s obviously the NodeJS documentation , but Express’ documentation is likely more helpful to begin with.