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BULK INSERT with variable file name

i am trying to bulk insert into Db using sql server 2005

Below is the code.

declare @path varchar(500) 
set @path="E:\Support\test.csv";
Create table #mytable( name varchar(max), class varchar(max), roll varchar(max) )
BULK INSERT #mytable FROM @path <-- Error line
select * from #mytable
drop table #mytable

Problem: issue is that my file path is dynamic and comes from a variable instead of hard coding which is not working
If i change the error line to below it works

 BULK INSERT #mytable FROM 'E:\Support\test.csv'; 

Please advise how to fix this

Try to use Dynamic SQL:

declare @sql varchar(max)
set @sql="BULK INSERT #mytable FROM "'' + @path + ''' WITH ...
exec (@sql)