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check if all elements of an array have the same value in Swift

Is there a function in Swift that checks whether all elements of an array have the same value? In my case, it’s an array of type Int. I know I can iterate over it using a simple for loop I was just wondering if there is something that is built in and quicker.

Any method must iterate over all elements until a different element is found:

func allEqualUsingLoop<T : Equatable>(array : [T]) -> Bool {
if let firstElem = array.first {
for elem in array {
if elem != firstElem {
return false
return true

Instead of an explicit loop you can use the contains() function:

func allEqualUsingContains<T : Equatable>(array : [T]) -> Bool {
if let firstElem = array.first {
return !contains(array, { $0 != firstElem })
return true

If the array elements are Hashable (such as Int) then you can
create a Set (available since Swift 1.2) from the array elements and check if it has exactly one element.

func allEqualUsingSet<T : Hashable>(array : [T]) -> Bool {
let uniqueElements = Set(array)
return count(uniqueElements) <= 1

A quick benchmarking test revealed that the “contains” method is much faster than the “set” method
for an array of 1,000,000 integers, in particular if the elements are
not all equal. This make sense because contains() returns as soon
as a non-matching element is found, whereas Set(array) always
traverses the entire array.

Also the “contains” methods is equally fast or slightly faster than an explicit loop.

Here is some simple benchmarking code. Of course the results can vary
with the array size, the number of different elements and the elements data type.

func measureExecutionTime<T>(title: String,  @noescape f : (() -> T) ) -> T {
let start = NSDate()
let result = f()
let end = NSDate()
let duration = end.timeIntervalSinceDate(start)
println("\(title) \(duration)")
return result
var array = [Int](count: 1_000_000, repeatedValue: 1)
array[500_000] = 2
let b1 = measureExecutionTime("using loop ") {
return allEqualUsingLoop(array)
let b2 = measureExecutionTime("using contains") {
let b3 = measureExecutionTime("using set ") {

Results (on a MacBook Pro, Release configuration):

using loop 0.000651001930236816
using contains 0.000567018985748291
using set 0.0344770550727844

With array[1_000] = 2 the results are

using loop 9.00030136108398e-06
using contains 2.02655792236328e-06
using set 0.0306439995765686

Update for Swift 2/Xcode 7: Due to various changes in the Swift
syntax, the function is now written as

func allEqual<T : Equatable>(array : [T]) -> Bool {
if let firstElem = array.first {
return !array.dropFirst().contains { $0 != firstElem }
return true

But you can now also define it as an extension method for arrays:

extension Array where Element : Equatable {
func allEqual() -> Bool {
if let firstElem = first {
return !dropFirst().contains { $0 != firstElem }
return true
print([1, 1, 1].allEqual()) // true
print([1, 2, 1].allEqual()) // false