dynamic dynamic-dispatch inheritance ios swift

dynamic modifier in functions in Swift

According to Apple :

When you mark a member declaration with the dynamic modifier, access to that member is always dynamically dispatched. Because declarations marked with the dynamic modifier are dispatched using the Objective-C runtime, they’re implicitly marked with the @objc attribute.

According to Wikipedia:

dynamic dispatch is the process of selecting which implementation of a polymorphic operation (method or function) to call at run time.

Dynamic dispatch is often used in object-oriented languages when different classes contain different implementations of the same method due to common inheritance. For example, suppose you have classes A, B, and C, where B and C both inherit the method foo() from A. Now suppose x is a variable of class A. At run time, x may actually have a value of type B or C and in general you can’t know what it is at compile time.

Right now, I’m studying the dependency injection framework : Typhoon and when I open the sample project for Swift in all the classes that inherit from the Objective-C class TyphoonAssembly all the methods relatives to inject dependencies have the dynamic modifier included in the following way :

public dynamic func weatherReportDao() -> AnyObject {
return TyphoonDefinition.withClass(WeatherReportDaoFileSystemImpl.self)

I thought that I’m missing something, but I don’t understand where is the polymorphic operation (method or function) to call at run time here.

What’s is the purpose of the dynamic dispatch here?