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Eclipse css content-assist (bootstrap)

I cannot seem to figure out why content assist is not working for HTML classes in Eclipse. I have the Eclipse PDT and Web Developer Tools installed. Content assist works fine with PHP files, and standard HTML tags, but I’m sorely missing the ability to scroll a list of CSS boostrap classes (e.g., Twitter bootstrap).

I just switched from Netbeans to Eclipse, and this worked great in Netbeans.

Now I only get proposals for div and class, but that’s where proposals end.

<div class="no more proposals">

I’ve already looked at file associations, editor->content assist settings, include paths, etc. Any other suggestions appreciated.

That’s it. I’ve had it with Eclipse and Netbeans. Eclipse is awesome, until I worked on trying to get content assist working for html classes for hours with no success. Netbeans had it all, including content assist even for html class elements, but the IDE continued to freeze time after time – cursor spins and spins and spins…

I just installed PHPStorm from Jetbrains, and this IDE needed absolutely no help from me to get setup and running. I had my project open, tested code assist on everything successfully, navigated around and found all the views I needed.

I have no problem paying for a product if it works as designed, especially if I don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to get some feature to work. Time is money, and dropping a few dollars to get back hours of my life is well worth it.

Incidentally, I am running Ubuntu Raring desktop, and the versions of Eclipse and Netbeans I was struggling with were Kepler and 7.3.1, respectively. Version of PHPStorm that works like a dream is 6.0.3.

Problem solved.