android intellij-idea ubuntu-12.04

ERROR: Android Source Generator: [project] AndroidManifest.xml file not found

I am a newbie to android , using intellij idea. when I want to compile my hello-world ( the first step 😉 ) I faced with this error “Android Source Generator: [project] AndroidManifest.xml file not found”

Of course it is not in my root file.
And when I make any new project , I have the same problem.

I searched a lot and even find this “AndroidManifest.xml file not found ” but not help.

plz help .

I know the problem in IDEA because you create a new project with Java configuration (not android, but with android sdk dependency)

File > New Project > Java (Java Module) > Project SDK Android 4.X

Here is the solution :

File > New Project > Android (Application Module)