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Find first element matching condition in Swift array (e.g. EKSource)

I would like to find the first EKSource of type EKSourceType.Local with a “single”-line expression in Swift. Here is what I currently have:

let eventSourceForLocal = 
eventStore.sources[{ $0.sourceType })

Is there a better way of doing this (such as without mapping and/or with a generic version of find)?

There’s a version of indexOf that takes a predicate closure – use it to find the index of the first local source (if it exists), and then use that index on eventStore.sources:

if let index = eventStore.sources.indexOf({ $0.sourceType == .Local }) {
let eventSourceForLocal = eventStore.sources[index]

Alternately, you could add a generic find method via an extension on SequenceType:

extension SequenceType {
func find(@noescape predicate: (Self.Generator.Element) throws -> Bool) rethrows -> Self.Generator.Element? {
for element in self {
if try predicate(element) {
return element
return nil
let eventSourceForLocal = eventStore.sources.find({ $0.sourceType == .Local })

(Why isn’t this there already?)