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FirstOrDefault call in entity framework is cached but database is changed

I have a strange issue, which I haven’t experienced before. I use Entity Framework to retrieve my records.

I have the following call:

 var dbOrganisation = repository.DbOrganisation.FirstOrDefault(c => c.Id == id);

I expect no caching of this call. So when I make this call, I expect it to query the database and retrieve the latest DbOrganisation object. But that is not what happens.

I call this method relatively two times relatively short time after eachother (~5-10 seconds). But in this period, a decimal value in this table, can be changed by some third party.

However, even though the value changes, the FirstOrDefault call retrieves the not updated version.

Example situation:

  1. I make the FirstOrDefault call, and see the decimal value of the field Credits, is 50
  2. A third party changes the Credits to 45
  3. I make the FirstOrDefault call 10 seconds, later, but the DbOrganisation still have 50 in Credits

What am i doing wrong? I thought the FirstOrDefault call was not cached by default?