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From a Sybase Database, how I can get table description ( field names and types)?

I have access to command line isql and I like to get Meta-Data of all the tables of a given database, possibly in a formatted file. How I can achieve that?


Check sysobjects and syscolumns tables.

Here is a diagram of Sybase system tables.

List of all user tables:

SELECT * FROM sysobjects WHERE type="U"

You can change ‘U’ to other objects:

  • C – computed column
  • D – default
  • F – SQLJ function
  • L – log
  • N – partition condition
  • P – Transact-SQL or SQLJ procedure
  • PR – prepare objects (created by Dynamic SQL)
  • R – rule
  • RI – referential constraint
  • S – system table
  • TR – trigger
  • U – user table
  • V – view
  • XP – extended stored procedure

List of columns in a table:

SELECT sc.* 
FROM syscolumns sc
INNER JOIN sysobjects so ON =