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Getting a PDO query string with bound parameters without executing it

Is it possible to get a query string from a PDO object with bound parameters without executing it first? I have code similar to the following (where $dbc is the PDO object):

$query = 'SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?';
$result = $dbc->prepare($query);
$result->bindParam(1, $username);
echo $result->queryString;

Currently, this will echo out a SQL statement like: “SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?”. However, I would like to have the bound parameter included so that it looks like: ‘SELECT * FROM users WHERE username=”bob””. Is there a way to do that without executing it or replacing the question marks with the parameters through something like preg_replace?

In short: no. See Getting raw SQL query string from PDO prepared statements

If you want to just emulate it, try:

echo preg_replace('?', $username, $result->queryString);