hdf5 pandas python

hdf5 file to pandas dataframe

I downloaded a dataset which is stored in .h5 files.
I need to keep only certain columns and to be able to manipulate the data in it.

To do this, I tried to load it in a pandas dataframe. I’ve tried to use:


But I get: No dataset in HDF5 file.

I’ve found answers on SO (read HDF5 file to pandas DataFrame with conditions) but I don’t need conditions, and the answer adds conditions about how the file was written but I’m not the creator of the file so I can’t do anything about that.

I’ve also tried using h5py:

df = h5py.File(path)

But this is not easily manipulable and I can’t seem to get the columns out of it (only the names of the columns using df.keys())
Any idea on how to do this ?