python python-3.x youtube-dl

How can i find all ydl_opts

ydl_opts = {
'verbose': True, #like this
'format': '{}'.format(int(comboget)), #format,vebrose,ottmpl
'outtmpl': '%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s', #how can i find
'noplaylist': mt, #all dictionary
'logger': MyLogger(), #options
'progress_hooks': [durum], #how can i find
ydl = youtube_dl.YoutubeDL(ydl_opts)[url])

how can i find all ydl_opts in here

All options for the Python Module are listed in

Here is a small excerpt

username:          Username for authentication purposes.
password: Password for authentication purposes.
videopassword: Password for accessing a video.
usenetrc: Use netrc for authentication instead.
verbose: Print additional info to stdout.
quiet: Do not print messages to stdout.
no_warnings: Do not print out anything for warnings.
forceurl: Force printing final URL.
forcetitle: Force printing title.
forceid: Force printing ID.
forcethumbnail: Force printing thumbnail URL.
forcedescription: Force printing description.
forcefilename: Force printing final filename.
forceduration: Force printing duration.
forcejson: Force printing info_dict as JSON.
dump_single_json: Force printing the info_dict of the whole playlist
(or video) as a single JSON line.