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How can I link with (or work around) two third-party static libraries that define the same symbols?

I can’t be the only one to run into this.

I have a C++ application that needs to link with one third-party and another static library set in an SDK. The SDK has, for some hideously frustrating reason, recompiled a subset of that same third-party library into their own (renamed) lib, although the symbols themselves are named the same and they are not encapsulated within a namespace. My application itself depends upon the same third-party library.

I’ve considered a few options, but maybe I’m missing something and hopefully a fresh look will help me out. Perhaps I’m close and someone will know the next step for one of these . I’ll enumerate what I’ve tried and the shortcomings of each solution so far:

  1. Link with both.
    I get about 2500 lines of symbol redefinition / size change warnings and errors. This is when I first found that they defined the same symbols. I’m trying to recompile OpenSSL with g++ and drop it into a namespace at the moment…see edit below…

  2. Link with the SDK only.
    I get undefined symbols that my own code depends upon – this is when I found that their recompile of the third party lib is a subset, or at least was configured with one module disabled.

  3. Link with the third party lib only.
    I have a couple of undefined symbols reported by the SDK – one of them is actually a #define in a header file within the third party lib, so all references in the third party lib resolve to the definition, but references outside there do not. I moved that into the c file, which resolves that, however I still have two unresolved functions I can’t find anywhere. This is the closest I’ve gotten so far.

  4. Strip conflicting symbols from one lib and link in both.
    So far this hasn’t worked. It could be a version issue between the lib statically linked in the SDK and the versions I’ve tried using of the third-party lib, but it looks like some functions were moved between symbols, so by removing a symbol, I inadvertently remove a function that I need elsewhere. There doesn’t seem to be a perfect mapping between functions in symbols in the SDK vs functions in symbols in the third-party lib. Is it plausible to strip functions without having to manually adjust addresses?

I’ve been examining symbols in libs with:

nm -C --defined-only lib<name>.a

And extracting entire objects with:

ar -x lib<name>.a <objname>.o

Hopefully this will also help others who have had to link with third-party libs that conflict with one another. For the sake of specifics, the third-party lib is OpenSSL, and the SDK is Opsec – libcpopenssl.a is the offending lib in Opsec.

**EDIT- A late entry possible workaround may be to recompile OpenSSL with g++ and put the whole thing in a namespace, and then link both libs. I’m trying that now…more to come…