java spring spring-retry

How can I make spring @retryable configurable?

I have this piece of code

@Retryable(maxAttempts = 3, stateful = true, include = ServiceUnavailableException.class,
exclude = URISyntaxException.class, backoff = @Backoff(delay = 1000, multiplier = 2) )
public void testThatService(String serviceAccountId)
throws ServiceUnavailableException, URISyntaxException {

//some implementation here

Is there a way I can make the maxAttempts , delay and multiplier configurable using @Value?
Or is there any other approach to make such fields inside annotations configurable?

It’s not currently possible; to wire in properties, the annotation would have to be changed to take String values and the annotation bean post-processor would have to resolve placeholders and/or SpEL expressions.

See this answer for an alternative, but it can’t currently be done via the annotation.


<bean id="retryAdvice" class="org.springframework.retry.interceptor.RetryOperationsInterceptor">
<property name="retryOperations">
<bean class="">
<property name="retryPolicy">
<bean class="org.springframework.retry.policy.SimpleRetryPolicy">
<property name="maxAttempts" value="${max.attempts}" />
<property name="backOffPolicy">
<bean class="org.springframework.retry.backoff.ExponentialBackOffPolicy">
<property name="initialInterval" value="${delay}" />
<property name="multiplier" value="${multiplier}" />
<aop:pointcut id="retries"
expression="execution(* org..EchoService.test(..))" />
<aop:advisor pointcut-ref="retries" advice-ref="retryAdvice"
order="-1" />

Where EchoService.test is the method you want to apply retries to.