ios swift viewcontroller

How do I create a view controller file after creating a new view controller?

I am developing a tabbed application.

When I create a new view controller and link it to the tab bar controller, unlike the other two default view controllers, this one has no viewcontroller.swift file.

How can I create this file?

I am using Xcode 6 and developing the app in Swift.

Correct, when you drag a view controller object onto your storyboard in order to create a new scene, it doesn’t automatically make the new class for you, too.

Having added a new view controller scene to your storyboard, you then have to:

  1. Create a UIViewController subclass. For example, go to your target’s folder in the project navigator panel on the left and then control-click and choose “New File…”. Choose a “Cocoa Touch Class”:

    Cocoa Touch Class

    And then select a unique name for the new view controller subclass:

    UIViewController subclass

  2. Specify this new subclass as the base class for the scene you just added to the storyboard.

    enter image description here

  3. Now hook up any IBOutlet and IBAction references for this new scene with the new view controller subclass.