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How do you create a file from a string in Gulp?

In my gulpfile I have a version number in a string. I’d like to write the version number to a file. Is there a nice way to do this in Gulp, or should I be looking at more general NodeJS APIs?

If you’d like to do this in a gulp-like way, you can create a stream of “fake” vinyl files and call pipe per usual. Here’s a function for creating the stream. “stream” is a core module, so you don’t need to install anything:

const Vinyl = require('vinyl')
function string_src(filename, string) {
var src = require('stream').Readable({ objectMode: true })
src._read = function () {
this.push(new Vinyl({
cwd: "",
base: "",
path: filename,
contents: Buffer.from(string, 'utf-8')
return src

You can use it like this:

gulp.task('version', function () {
var pkg = require('package.json')
return string_src("version", pkg.version)