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How to access a java list coming from the server in javascript inside my jsp

Plz consider the scenario. I have a java class called Person as below:

Integer Id
String name
String address

Now through my spring controller I pass a list of persons to my jsp page(neighbors.jsp) like shown below:

List<Persons> persons = new ArrayList<Person>();
return new ModelAndView("/neighbors").addObject("persons", persons);

Now the problem is here. I have the google maps api in javascript format embedded in neighbors.jsp to display the location of the person logged in. This works fine.
Google maps also offer comparison of addresses. I want to display markers of addresses of other persons that are within 5 miles range of user’s address. Each of the marker is a link to a page that is going to display that particular person’s information.

Suppose I access each address in the following format, how do I call the javascript function?

<c:forEach items="${persons }" var="person">
<!-- I want to pass each address ${person.address} to the javascript functions thats going to compare addresses -->

Can someone help me out here on how to handle to scenario?