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How to access resource with dynamic name in my case?

If I get the image name as a variable like following:

var imageName = SERVICE.getImg();

Then, how can I get the resource with R.drawable.????, I tried R.drawable[imageName], but it failed. Any suggestions?

int id = getResources().getIdentifier(imageName, type, package);

This will get you the ID of the resource you are looking for. With it, you can then access the resource from the R class.

Using only the name parameter:

You can also include all the 3 info in the “name” parameter using the following format: "package:type/image_name", something like:

int id = getResources().getIdentifier("", null, null);

This is useful when you’re working with external components or libraries that you can’t, or don’t want to, change how getIdentifier() is called. e.g.: AOSP Launcher3