arrays associative-array php

How to add an array value to the middle of an associative array?

Lets say I have this array:

$array = array('a'=>1,'z'=>2,'d'=>4);

Later in the script, I want to add the value 'c'=>3 before 'z'. How can I do this?

Yes, the order is important. When I run a foreach() through the array, I do NOT want this newly added value added to the end of the array. I am getting this array from a mysql_fetch_assoc()

The keys I used above are placeholders. Using ksort() will not achieve what I want. accomplishes what I’m looking for but I’m looking for something simpler.

Take a sample db table with about 30 columns. I get this data using mysql_fetch_assoc(). In this new array, after column ‘pizza’ and ‘drink’, I want to add a new column ‘full_dinner’ that combines the values of ‘pizza’ and ‘drink’ so that when I run a foreach() on the said array, ‘full_dinner’ comes directly after ‘drink’