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How to catch error 1062 “duplicate entry” independent from used database/engine?

In a project I started out with MySQL as database. Instead of checking first, I just do an insert and if I get an IntegrityError exception with code 1062, I know that there is a duplicate entry and warn the user, to do this and that.

that looks basically like this:

# add duplicate, nothing bad happens yet, is only in sqla session
db.session.add(User(email="[email protected]"))
# commit, now the IntegrityError is raised, when sqla inserts
except IntegrityError as e:
# this is what i do with mysql, check the exception for code 1062
# how can i replace this with something db independent?
code, msg = e.orig
if code == 1062:
# send warning

Now, for one this makes it already impossible to test with eg. in-memory sqlite. Not nice, but I could live with that.

Second however, I might (have to/want to for other out of scope of this question issues) switch to Postgres. Of course I could just change the code to (also) check for Postgres error codes, but I was hoping there is a way to have SQLALchemy tell me, that a duplicate happened independent from the database. A database dialect abstraction…?