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How to confirm email address using express/node?

I’m trying to build verification of email address for users, to verify their email is real. What package should I use to confirm the email address of the user? So far Im using mongoose and express

Code Example

var UserSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
email: { type: String, unique: true, lowercase: true }
password: String
var User = mongoose.model('User', UserSchema);'/signup', function(req, res, next) {
// Create a new User
var user = new User(); =;
user.password = req.body.password;;

In the codes, how do i confirm the email address of the user?

What you’re looking for is called “account verification” or “email verification”. There are plenty of Node modules that can perform this, but the principle goes like this:

  • Your User model should have an active attribute that is false by default
  • When the user submits a valid signup form, create a new User (who’s active will be false initially)
  • Create a long random string (128 characters is usually good) with a crypto library and store it in your database with a reference to the User ID
  • Send an email to the supplied email address with the hash as part of a link pointing back to a route on your server
  • When a user clicks the link and hits your route, check for the hash passed in the URL
  • If the hash exists in the database, get the related user and set their active property to true
  • Delete the hash from the database, it is no longer needed

Your user is now verified.