dart flutter json jsonconvert string

how to convert json string to json object in dart flutter?

I have string like this,

{id:1, name: lorem ipsum, address: dolor set amet}

And I need to convert that string to json, how I can do it in dart flutter? thank you so much for your help.

You have to use json.decode. It takes in a json object and let you handle the nested key value pairs. I’ll write you an example

import 'dart:convert';
// actual data sent is {success: true, data:{token:'token'}}
final response = await, body: reqBody);
// Notice how you have to call body from the response if you are using http to retrieve json
final body = json.decode(response.body);
// This is how you get success value out of the actual json
if (body['success']) {
//Token is nested inside data field so it goes one deeper.
final String token = body['data']['token'];
return {"success": true, "token": token};