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How to Deploy “SQL Server Express + EF” Application

It’s my first time to Deploy an Application which uses SQL Server Express Database.
I’m Using Entity Framework Model First to contact Database.
and i created a Setup wizard with Install Shield to Install the App.

These are Steps that I’v done to Install The Application in Destination Computer :

  1. Installing MS SQL Server Express (DEST)
  2. Installing The Program using Setup file (DEST)
  3. Detach Database from SQL server and Copy Related .mdf ,.ldf file to the Destination Computer.
  4. Attach database file in destination computer using SQL Server Management Studio.

I know server names and SQL name Instances are different and my program can’t run correctly with the Old Connection String.

I’m Beginner at this, and I want to know what should I do in the Destination Computer to make the program run?

  • should I find a way to change the connection string on runtime?!
  • or is there any way to modify installshield project and it do this work for me? (installshield is professional edition)
  • could you suggest me what to do?

in my searches I saw that WiX can do this, but I find it complicated, and i don’t have enough time to learn it. i need to deploy the app ASAP.

Thanks alot.