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How to display UITableViewController as a swipe up gesture in front of another ViewController?

I am trying to get something like this to work. This is the Uber App. Where a user can swipe another view up, in front of a background view.

enter image description here

The background view is fairly simple, it has been done already. The view which will be swiped on top will be a UITableView. I want the user to be able to see just a little top part first when the app launches, then upon swiping a little it should stop in the middle and then after fully swiping up should take it all the way to the top, replacing the Background view.

Frameworks I have looked at are pullable view for iOS. But it is way too old and doesn’t get any nice animations across. I have also looked at SWRevealViewController but I can’t figure out how to swipe up from below.

I have also tried to use a button so when a user clicks on it, the table view controller appears modally, covering vertical, but that is not what I want. It needs to recognize a gesture.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.