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How to easily import multiple sql files into a MySQL database?

I have several sql files and I want to import all of them at once into a MySQL database.

I go to PHPMyAdmin, access the database, click import, select a file and import it. When I have more than a couple of files it takes a long time.

I would like to know if there is a better way to import multiple files, something like one file which will import the other files or similar.

I’m using WAMP and I would like a solution that does not require installing additional programs on my computer.

In Windows, open a terminal, go to the content folder and write:

copy /b *.sql all_files.sql

This concate all files in only one, making it really quick to import with PhpMyAdmin.

In Linux and macOS, as @BlackCharly pointed out, this will do the trick:

cat *.sql  > .all_files.sql

Important Note: Doing it directly should go well, but it could end up with you stuck in a loop with a massive output file getting bigger and bigger due to the system adding the file to itself. To avoid it, two possible solutions.

A) Put the result in a separate directory to be safe (Thanks @mosh):

mkdir concatSql
cat *.sql > ./concatSql/all_files.sql

B) Concat them in a file with a different extension and then change it the name. (Thanks @William Turrell)

cat *.sql  > all_files.sql1
mv all_files.sql1 all_files.sql