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How to read Android properties with Java

I use ‘adb shell getprop’ in the terminal.
What interfaces can I use in Android JAVA to get the same information?

I have tried several things like:

Properties sysProps = System.getProperties();

But I don’t think these are the same properties I am looking for? Specifically, I want to find values that will return similar to the following:

adb shell getprop | grep dolby

The shell ‘grep dolby’ command returns this:

[audio.dolby.ds2.enabled]: [true] 
[]: [headset]
[dolby.ds.dialogenhancer.state]: [on]
[dolby.ds.graphiceq.state]: [off]
[dolby.ds.hpvirtualizer.state]: [off]
[dolby.ds.intelligenteq.preset]: [Off]
[dolby.ds.intelligenteq.state]: [off]
[dolby.ds.platform]: [qcom]
[]: [Movie]
[dolby.ds.spkvirtualizer.state]: [off]
[dolby.ds.state]: [off]
[dolby.ds.volumeleveler.state]: [on]

But I want to access this information in Android JAVA code.

Any ideas?