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How to set Class value to spring bean property?

Hey, what is the best way to set a bean’s property with Class value ? Regarding XML configuration. For a bean like this :

public class FilterJsonView extends MappingJacksonJsonView {
private Set<String> filteredAttributes;
private Class clazz;
public Set<String> getFilteredAttributes() {
return filteredAttributes;
public void setFilteredAttributes(Set<String> filteredAttributes) {
this.filteredAttributes = filteredAttributes;
public Class getClazz() {
return clazz;
public void setClazz(Class clazz) {
this.clazz = clazz;

Just inject the class name, and Spring will convert it to a Class object for you, e.g.

<bean class="com.x.y.FilterJsonView">
<property name="clazz" value="com.x.y.SomeClass"/>