mysql oracle replication tungsten-replicator

How to setup heterogeneous replication with tungsten?

Recently i am working on a replication between heterogeneous dbs with Tungsten Replicator. We have a mysql master and an oracle slave. According to the docs such a setup should work. I am using tungsten-replicator-2.0.5. I call

$TUNGSTEN_HOME/tools/configure \
--verbose \
--home-directory=$INSTALL_HOME \
--cluster-hosts=$MA_HOST,$SL_HOST \

on the master node for creating a basic installation on both nodes. Note: using the installer (as recommended) fails, due to the heterogeneous setup, since the installer fails to find a mysql instance on the slave node. The replicator instances are configured by adding static-$ to the conf directory and modifying conf/ ($HOSTNAME, replicator.masterListenPortStart=12112, replicator.rmi_port=20000).

Launching the replicators resulted in an ORA-01850 when issuing an update statement against trep_commit_seqno in the tungsten schema, due to a missing ‘timestamp’ keyword in the SQL-Statement. Just in order to get beyond this error, i altered datatype of update_timestamp and extract_timestamp to varchar. The replicators are now starting up und some simple inserts where replicated but when the test script issues a


replication fails due to an ORA-00933, because of the ‘IF EXISTS’ clause. I am not sure if this is an error in my configuration or if tungsten in general has problems with the differences in DDL statements between those two products. Has somebody successfully set up a similar replication using tungsten?