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How to submit a form in React Native

I feel crazy asking this question here, but I can’t find any good tutorials for how to submit a form and capture the data for RN. Everything I do find is someone pushing a library “just npm install react-native-form-genie-magic-box and call it in your project“…

but I just want to know – How to submit a form in vanilla React Native.

Sample code:


class AuthContainer extends Component {
render() {
const { errorMessage, handleLogin } = this.props
return (
onLoginClick={(e) => handleLogin(e)}
const mapDispatchToProps = (dispatch) => {
return {
handleLogin: (e) => {
const form =
const data = serialize(form, {hash: true})
const creds = {, password: data.password }


import { Container, Content, Form, Item, Input, Label, Button, Text } from 'native-base';
const Login = ({errorMessage, onLoginClick}) => {
return (
<Form >
{errorMessage &&
<Item floatingLabel>
<Item floatingLabel last>
<Input secureTextEntry={true} />
<Button onPress={onLoginClick} ><Text>Sign in</Text></Button>

Question: How can I just capture the submitted email and password in AuthContainer’s handleLogin function?

On the <input you need to add something like this, example:

<Input onChangeText={(text) => this.setState({username: text})} value={this.state.username}

And when you use the onPress function you just need to get the this.state.username and use it when you want.
I don’t usually do a function that handle the Login or something in other .js so you need to pass the this.state.username to the page that handles it.

What i usually do if I really need to pass something to other page is using GLOBALS, example:

// globals.js 
module.exports = {
username: '',

And then to use the globals.js

// import the globals.js
GLOBAL = require('./globals');
<Input onChangeText={(text) => this_onButtonPressed(text) value={this.state.username}/>
GLOBAL.username = this.state.username
// call function that handles it

And then on the page that handles it you need to import it again and just use GLOBAL.username.

If you didn’t understand it tell me I will try to explain it better, I need to know if you want to handle the login on a different .js or it can be on the .js that has the Form (its easier like this)