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How to test DOM update in Vue.js with Mocha?

I’m struggling to understand some basic concepts of unit testing in Vue.js using Karma, Mocha and Chai.

This is my component:


<p>{{ name }}</p>
<input v-model="name">
export default {
name: 'VueExample',
data () {
return {
name: 'Bruce Lee'

This is how I’m trying to test it:


import Vue from 'vue';
import VueExample from "../../../components/VueExample";
describe('VueExample.vue', () => {
let vm;
beforeEach(() => {
const Constructor = Vue.extend(VueExample);
vm = new Constructor().$mount();
it('should change the name', done => {
const input = vm.$el.querySelector('input');
input.value="Chuck Norris";
expect(vm.$el.querySelector('p').textContent).to.equal('Bruce Lee');
Vue.nextTick(() =>{
expect(vm.$el.querySelector('p').textContent).to.equal('Chuck Norris');

I use Karma to run the tests and Chai as assertion library. Everything is properly configured in karma.conf.js. When I run this test, it fails. The text inside the tag <p> doesn’t change. The console.log command outputs Bruce Lee.

The tests are run with Firefox.