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How to turn off CalendarView in a DatePicker?

On my settings screen I have a date picker widget. In the designer in Eclipse, it shows as I want (3 spinners for D-M-Y) but when I test on my device, I get a rather odd view with a side spinner on the left and a calendar on the right. Never seen this before(!) but doing some research I think I’m seeing the “CalendarView”.

I found that I should be able to set a “calendarViewShown” property to false- but my XML throws an error with this. I found another question on here that suggested the API level was to blame (my minSDKLevel is 7, but I’m targetting 11 so I can get the action bar button rather than the oldskool menu).
So I thought I’d try setting it in code:

    int currentapiVersion = android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT;
if (currentapiVersion >= 11)
minDateSelector.setCalendarViewShown = false;

But again, this fails- setCalendarViewShown isn’t found. But the docs here say it should exist.
Any ideas?!