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How to use AsyncRestTemplate to make multiple calls simultaneously?

I don’t understand how to use AsyncRestTemplate effectively for making external service calls. For the code below:

class Foo {
public void doStuff() {
Future<ResponseEntity<String>> future1 = asyncRestTemplate.getForEntity(
url1, String.class);
String response1 = future1.get();
Future<ResponseEntity<String>> future2 = asyncRestTemplate.getForEntity(
url2, String.class);
String response2 = future2.get();
Future<ResponseEntity<String>> future3 = asyncRestTemplate.getForEntity(
url3, String.class);
String response3 = future3.get();

Ideally I want to execute all 3 calls simultaneously and process the results once they’re all done. However each external service call is not fetched until get() is called but get() is blocked. So doesn’t that defeat the purpose of AsyncRestTemplate? I might as well use RestTemplate.

So I don’t understaand how I can get them to execute simultaneously?