ios objective-c siri speech-recognition

How to use Speech Recognition inside the iOS SDK?

I know that there is no public API for the SIRI-Services,
but is there an API for simple Speech-Recognition? So if I have a textfield and the user taps onto that textfield, a keyboard with the typically microphone button appears and if he pressed it the speech get recognized and transformed into a string object? Or is this button maybe presented by default?

There are many libraries availble. You can use any of them.

  1. openears // This is the best library

  2. VocalKit (Deprecated for open ears)

  3. TTS
  4. ispeech (Not free)

Hope it helps you.


if you download openears (which contains a sample project called “OpenEarsSampleApp”) @efimovD mentions this

Check the code in view controller and you will see an array with
possible commands. This thing detects commands! Not some talk. It
listens and tries to compare what you’ve said with the words from