html image tiff

How would I display a TIFF images in all web browsers?

How do I handle TIFF images in HTML pages?

I have tried using the embed tag, object id, img, etc. But, I am unable to display the TIFF image in the HTML page.

I am not using Java, .NET, or any other alternatives in my project.

UPDATE: Safari supports TIFF image loading. How can I load TIFF images in other browsers (IE, Mozilla, Firefox, etc.)?

This comes down to browser image support; it looks like the only mainstream browser that supports tiff is Safari:

Where are you getting the tiff images from? Is it possible for them to be generated in a different format?

If you have a static set of images then I’d recommend using something like PaintShop Pro to batch convert them, changing the format.

If this isn’t an option then there might be some mileage in looking for a pre-written Java applet (or another browser plugin) that can display the images in the browser.