download href html image

href image link download on click

I generate normal links like: <a href=""><img src="" /></a> in a web app.

When I click on the link, it displays the picture in a new page. If you want to save the picture, then you need to right click on it and select “save as”

I don’t want this behaviour, I would like to have a download box popping out when I click on the link, is that possible just with html or javascript? How?

If not I guess I would have to write a download.php script and call it into the href with the file name as parameter…?

<a download="custom-filename.jpg" href="/path/to/image" title="ImageName">
<img alt="ImageName" src="/path/to/image">

It’s not yet fully supported caniuse, but you can use with modernizr (under Non-core detects) to check the support of the browser.