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iOS 14 get user consent with Facebook SDK

I’m not new to iOS development but this is my first time dealing with Facebook SDK. I’ve been following the FB guide to set up event in my app (installed SDK Swift package, added FBSDKCoreKit methods to AppDelegate), up until the very last instruction on getting user consent with iOS 14.

The Facebook guide provides this code snippet to use when getting consent with requestTrackingAuthorization():


Problem is the FBAdSettings class doesn’t seem to be valid in my code (Xcode complains it cannot be found in scope), although I did import FBSDKCoreKit and there’s no other FB modules to import.

Here is my code in full:

import UIKit
import AppTrackingTransparency
import FBSDKCoreKit
extension ViewController {
func requestTrackingPermission() {
if #available(iOS 14, *) {
ATTrackingManager.requestTrackingAuthorization { (status) in
switch status {
case .authorized:
FBAdSettings.setAdvertiserTrackingEnabled(true) //Cannot find 'FBAdSettings' in scope
} else {
// Fallback on earlier versions

What am I missing here?