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Is Silent Remote Notifications possible if user has disabled push for the app?

In my settings tabbar:

  1. I have a feature specific switch which can be turned OFF or ON based on API response.
  2. From website only admin is authorized to turn ON/OFF.
  3. I can make /user API call everytime on settings tap to check the current settings for the user but there are couple of disadvantage like if user is already on setting then it will not update the UI and calling api everytime on settings tap doesn’t sounds a perfect solution.

I think better solution is to send a silent push notification which i can use to make the API call to update the settings UI whenever needed.

But if user has disabled the push notification will I still receive silent push ? What is the recommended approach to handle such situations ?

Short answer, yes

The exciting new opportunity for app developers in iOS 8 is that Apple will now deliver “silent” pushes even if the user has opted out of notifications. Also, “silent push” is no longer just for Newsstand apps. Every app can take advantage of this ability to refresh content in the background, creating the most up-to-date, responsive experience possible, the moment the user opens the app.


Users still have the ability to switch off your app’s ability to process a “silent push” by means of the “Background App Refresh” control. Even though Apple Push Notification service (APNs) will deliver a push marked “content-available” to your phone, the OS will not wake up your app to receive it, effectively dropping it on the floor. However, opting out of “Background App Refresh” is a lesser-known capability not directly associated with Notifications. You don’t access this preference in your Notifications Settings–it’s located under General > Background App Refresh screen.

Keep this in mind when building your application.