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Jasmine and node.js

Have some Jasmine+Rhino combo to test the javascript code and trying to shift to node.js. However, couldn’t find any setup instructions on the net (but only this link, with nearly zero instructions). Any help on how to make it true (on Ubuntu) will be highly appreciated.

I thought the same thing (regarding documentation) when I first tried to use jasmine-node. As it turns out, though, there’s virtually nothing to set up–it works just like RSpec or other testing tools you might be used to. To use Jasmine with your Node project, do the following:

  1. Make sure jasmine-node is installed and that you can run its executable.
  2. Write your specs! I have a sample spec below these steps.
  3. Run your specs with the command jasmine-node specs/ (where specs/ points to the directory with your specs).

That’s it! You may find it beneficial to use some sort of build tool, like cake for CoffeeScript or jake.

Here’s a quick example of part of a spec from a small project I used jasmine-node on recently; apologies that it’s in CoffeeScript. (As an aside: to run jasmine-node against CoffeeScript specs, pass it the --coffee option.)

Chess   = require('../lib/chess')
Board = Chess.Board
jasmine = require('jasmine-node')
describe "A chess board", ->
beforeEach ->
@board = new Board
it "should convert a letter/number position into an array index", ->
it "should know if an array index represents a valid square", ->
expect(Board.is_valid_square 0).toBeTruthy()
expect(Board.is_valid_square 7).toBeTruthy()
expect(Board.is_valid_square 8).toBeFalsy()
expect(Board.is_valid_square 15).toBeFalsy()
expect(Board.is_valid_square 119).toBeTruthy()
expect(Board.is_valid_square 120).toBeFalsy()
expect(Board.is_valid_square 129).toBeFalsy()
expect(Board.is_valid_square -1).toBeFalsy()
it "should start off clear", ->
for i in [0..127]
if Board.is_valid_square(i)
describe "#place_piece", ->
it "should place a piece on the board", ->
piece = jasmine.createSpy("piece")
@board.place_piece "a1", piece
expect(@board.piece_on "a1").toEqual(piece)
it "should set the piece's location to the given square's index", ->
piece = jasmine.createSpyObj(Piece, ["position"])
@board.place_piece "b5", piece


You can also add a spec_helper file (with the appropriate extension for your project) at the root of your specs/ directory. Here’s the contents of mine, which adds a new matcher to Jasmine:

jasmine = require('jasmine-node')
beforeEach ->
toInclude: (should_include) ->
for value in @actual
return true if value == should_include