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jQuery: Clearing Form Inputs

I have tried to different ways to clear a form:

<form action="service.php" id="addRunner" name="addRunner" method="post">
First Name: <input type="text" name="txtFirstName" id="txtFirstName" /><br />
Last Name: <input type="text" name="txtLastName" id="txtLastName" /><br />
Gender: <select id="ddlGender" name="ddlGender"><option value="">--Please Select--</option>
<option value="f">Female</option>
<option value="m">Male</option>
</select><br />
Finish Time:
<input type="text" name="txtMinutes" id="txtMinutes" size="10" maxlength="2">(Minutes)
<input type="text" name="txtSeconds" id="txtSeconds" size="10" maxlength="2">(Seconds)
<br />
<button type="submit" name="btnSave" id="btnSave">Add Runner</button>
<input type="hidden" name="action" value="addRunner" id="action">

jQuery #1:

function clearInputs(){

This works perfectly.

jQuery #2:

function clearInputs(data){
$("#addRunner :input").each(function(){

This clears the form but does not let me submit any more any information to it. I try and click the button again and it does nothing.

Here’s the button click handler:

var data = $("#addRunner :input").serializeArray();
$.post($("#addRunner").attr('action'), data, function(json){
if (json.status == "fail"){
if (json.status == "success"){
}, "json");

PHP Post code:

if ($_POST['action'] == 'addRunner') {
$fname = htmlspecialchars($_POST['txtFirstName']);
$lname = htmlspecialchars($_POST['txtLastName']);
$gender = htmlspecialchars($_POST['ddlGender']);
$minutes = htmlspecialchars($_POST['txtMinutes']);
$seconds = htmlspecialchars($_POST['txtSeconds']);
if(preg_match('/[^\w\s]/i', $fname) || preg_match('/[^\w\s]/i', $lname)) {
fail('Invalid name provided.');
if( empty($fname) || empty($lname) ) {
fail('Please enter a first and last name.');
if( empty($gender) ) {
fail('Please select a gender.');
if( empty($minutes) || empty($seconds) ) {
fail('Please enter minutes and seconds.');
$time = $minutes.":".$seconds;
$query = "INSERT INTO runners SET first_name="$fname", last_name="$lname", gender="$gender", finish_time="$time"";
$result = db_connection($query);
if ($result) {
$msg = "Runner: ".$fname." ".$lname." added successfully" ;
} else {
fail('Insert failed.');


If I use jQuery method #2, I get this error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'status' of null

Why does this happen?

I forgot to include this key information:

function fail ($message){
die(json_encode(array('status'=>'fail', 'message'=>$message)));
function success ($message){
die(json_encode(array('status'=>'success', 'message'=>$message)));

This sends the message back to the AJAX function in jQuery. It looks like after I submit the form once using method #2 the success/fail messages are blanked out.

Demo :

.not(':button, :submit, :reset, :hidden')

Original Answer: Resetting a multi-stage form with jQuery

Mike’s suggestion (from the comments) to keep checkbox and selects intact!

Warning: If you’re creating elements (so they’re not in the dom), replace :hidden with [type=hidden] or all fields will be ignored!

.not(':button, :submit, :reset, :hidden, :radio, :checkbox')