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jQuery function doesn’t respond to “.click” until I move the cursor?

I have a website with a simple CSS style switcher. I use the following code for the function that handles clicking the two theme buttons, initiating the switch from dark to light and vice versa:

$(function() {
$("link").attr("href", "css/lightHome.css");
$(".light").attr("disabled", "disabled");
$(".dark").removeAttr("disabled", "disabled")
$("link").attr("href", "css/home.css");
$(".dark").attr("disabled", "disabled");
$(".light").removeAttr("disabled", "disabled")

Everything about it operates exactly as I want, except the fact that when I click the button, nothing happens. But the second I shift the cursor position after the click, then the switch occurs. I don’t have the best jQuery grasp, so I am hoping it is a simple lack of understanding regarding the DOM processes. Possibly having to do with the lack of “on ready”?

I’ve tried clicking and waiting several minutes, and nothing happens until I move the cursor.

The website: