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Mock dynamic html element in jest

I want to write a test for a utils method. In that method I get a html element by id and then change the color of the element. The problem is that element is only available after a button click. How can I mock the element?


import variables from '../stylesheets/Variables.scss';
export function activeListItem(props){
let listItem = document.getElementById(; = variables.whiteGray;
return listItem;


it('check if the correct color is set for the acitve list item', () => {
let props = {id:'123'}
const listItem = activeListItem(props);


TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null

I’d suggest you to you jest.spyOn. It’s a really handy way to spy on a function and/or attach some mock behaviour.

You can use it like this:

imoprt { activeListItem } from './utils';
let spy;
beforeAll(() => {
spy = jest.spyOn(document, 'getElementById');
describe('activeListItem', () => {
describe('with found element', () => {
let mockElement;
beforeAll(() => {
// here you create the element that the document.createElement will return
// it might be even without an id
mockElement = document.createElement(....);
// and then you could expect it to have the background
it('should have the background applied', () => {
describe('without found element', () => {
// and here you can create a scenario
// when document.createElement returns null
beforeAll(() => {
// and expect you function not to throw an error
it('should not throw an error', () => {
expect(() => activeListItem({id:'123'})).not.toThrow();

It’s also a good idea to mock the .scss file, since it’s a dependency of your utility file, so that when it’s change it won’t affect your unit test.