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Mocking database in node.js?

How would I mock out the database in my node.js application, which in this case uses mongodb as the backend for a blog REST API ?

Sure, I could set the database to a specific testing -database, but I would still save data and not test my code only, but also the database, so I am actually not doing unit testing but integration testing.

So what should one do? Create database wrappers as a middle layer between application and db and replace the DAL when in testing?

// app.js  
var express = require('express');
app = express(),
mongo = require('mongoskin'),
db = mongo.db('localhost:27017/test?auto_reconnect');
app.get('/posts/:slug', function(req, res){
db.collection('posts').findOne({slug: req.params.slug}, function (err, post) {
res.send(JSON.stringify(post), 200);

// test.js
r = require('requestah')(3000);
describe("Does some testing", function() {
it("Fetches a blogpost by slug", function(done) {
r.get("/posts/aslug", function(res) {
return done();