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Nuxt.js: How to override scrollBehaviour for a single route change

I have a nuxt-page where I scroll to the top on every router change. We defined this in the nuxt.config.js

scrollBehavior (to, from, savedPosition) {
return ({ x: 0, y: 0 })

Now I have one single Navigation link which is a little special: «Contact» does not lead to a new page with just the contact information, but instead it should go to the footer where the contact details are written on every page.
So I added a link (not a nuxtlink) to link to the #contact anchor in the footer.

  <a class="Submenu__link Submenu__link--contact" href="#contact">

This does not work though because it registers a route change and sets the page to the top again. (At least that is my assumption).
I tried to execute some function to set the scrollTop property but then I see a flicker, where it scrolls a bit but is then reset to the top:

  <li class="Submenu__item">
<a @click="closeNavAndScroll" class="Submenu__link Submenu__link--contact" href="#contact">

And I declared a method (closing nav works):

closeNavAndScroll () {

So I thought I find some information here:

But as far as I could understand there is only a declaration for setting the scrollBehaviour for all routes.
Can I somehow say whenever the route includes #contact I don’t want the app to mess with my scroll position?

Thanks for any help on this.